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Mrs Everest's Adventures

Hello Beech Class,  I thought I would update you on the   adventures I have been having over the past few days.

During my daily exercise, I have been going for a walk around the lakes that I live near. It has been nice to listen to the birds singing and watching the ducks and swans swimming on the lakes. I have also seen many interesting butterfiles and different flowers whilst walking.


I have been busy cooking and baking making delicious things for Mr Everest to eat. I have made pizza, chicken curry, naan bread and cakes. I am not sure what recipe to try next.


I have also been in the loft of my house looking for some lego so I can take part in the Lego challenges. I was really lucky and found a small box of Lego so I can join in the fun.


I will add another update soon.

Easter cakes
The lake near where I live
A friendly swan

Hello Beech Class, I thought I would update you on the activities that I have been doing over the past few days. I have enjoyed looking at all the activities that you have been doing as well as completing my home learning.


I have finally started to read The Beast of Buckingham Palace, which I know lots of you have read. Thank you for recommending this book as I am really enjoying it. 


I have  also been taking part in the PE lessons with Joe Wicks every morning and going on daily walks around the lakes next to where I live.


I have also been spending a lot of time with my pet rabbit, who enjoys running around on the floor whilst I am working or even sitting on the back of the chair to check to see if I am completing all my tasks.


I will share another update later. 

Dottie checking that I am doing my work.
I am enjoying reading this book.