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Mrs Bennett's Adventures

Hello Willow Class,

I am missing you all very much, but I am really enjoying all your photos that are being sent in, so please keep sending them to the school office. I will continue to add pictures and comments about what I am doing at home. 

Take care.

Mrs Bennett

I think they had an argument!
I re-painted my nails!
George sleeping on the windowsill.
New hairdo!
Cakes delivered for my birthday tomorrow!
Courgette plants
Sweet pepper
Strawberry plants
My hanging basket
Fuschia bush
Looking lovely in the sunshine!
George sleeping on my bed!
Painted the fence during half-term.
The cats are checking to see if I missed any bits!
Painted this fence too.
My pot out the front is coming on well.
My beautiful hanging basket.
Front garden raised bed.
Baskets I made for my Dad.
Beautiful roses in the front garden.
Cupcakes delivered, just because.....
Delicious dinner cooked by Mr Bennett.
Top patio in the back garden.
New bistro set for the bottom patio.
New nail design.
Bunting ready for V E Day.
George helping me work.
Cupcakes for Mr Bennett's birthday.
Daisy enjoying the sunshine.
Can you find Daisy?
Beautiful roses from Mrs Scanlon & Miss Scanlon.
George looking out the window.
Hanging baskets are ready.
Hanging basket at front of house.
My word for our staff message.
Cauliflower cheese I made.
Bedding plants and vegetables getting ready.
Can you see the strawberry starting to grow?
My sister sent me some flowers.
Chinese pork cooked by Mr Bennett.
Fruit toast and a cup of tea while working.
George asleep on a different chair!
Strawberry plants loved the rain.
My lilies are getting tall now.
Clematis is filling out as well.
My grass after another cut.
Dianthus plants are starting to bud.
Delicious roast chicken cooked by Mr Bennett.
I made another rainbow.
I have enjoyed my tea breaks in the garden.
My delicious fruit and vegetable box was delivered
New indoor lights for the house.
I did my own nails.
Mr Bennett sent me some flowers.
One of my training certificates.
We jet washed all the patio areas in the garden.
Front path looking beautiful.
Colourful bottom patio area.
Lovely and clean.
Some new plants planted.
The herb seeds I planted are starting to grow.
Daisy hiding behind out bedroom curtain.
Georgie having a nap!
And again.....
Homemade lasagne
Homemade cauliflower cheese
Home cooked sticky Chinese pork
I painted my nails.
I made a rainbow for the front window.

Georgie doing nothing as usual.

My rainbow chime for all the key workers out there.

A well deserved steak for my dinner!

This weekend I have been busy in the garden.

My rainbow in the window.

My current workstation

Hello everyone!

Time for a cup of tea and a hot cross bun. Yummy!

Another hard day for Georgie!

This is Willow the bunny, she arrived in the post yesterday as a gift from Mr Bennett to keep me company when I'm at the table working.

I have also been doing some gardening.

My cats are enjoying me being at home.