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Miss Scanlon's 25th Birthday in Lockdown 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! 

On Saturday, my friends surprised me with a virtual birthday brunch! They delivered a hamper to my door and we sat on zoom having brunch together, playing games including a quiz and bingo. I had pancakes with chocolate spread, maple syrup and strawberries. Yum! 


On Monday, I got a surprise delivery of balloons from my best friend who lives in London. 


Tuesday was my birthday! I had lots of surprises throughout the day and was very lucky. 

Mrs Scanlon got me a lovely silver bracelet with 25 beads on it, one for every year of my life and some rainbow hoops to remind me I celebrated during Lockdown. 

My auntie and uncle got me a 3D Disney Castle puzzle. 

Mrs Bennett and her husband had some yummy cupcakes delivered to my house. 

My best friend had even more cupcakes delivered to my house! 

Then there was a knock at my door and my best friend had driven from London to drop off more presents on my doorstep and then we went for a social distance walk at Wainscott Park in the sunshine - it was very very hot! 

My brother had work so Mrs Scanlon and I got a Chinese takeaway for dinner which was super yum and then we watched some TV together. 


Wednesday, the day after my birthday! 

McDonald's Drive Thru reopened and so I went and treated myself to Chicken Selects and a Double Cheeseburger with a Diet Coke - my favourites! 

I then had another surprise delivery from my family friends... a hamper of donuts! 

My family and friends seem to know that I love food haha. 

I spent the rest of the day doing some school work on my laptop and in the evening I went to Bluebell Hill Picnic Area to enjoy a walk in the evening sunshine. 


I have attached some photos (mainly of all my yummy birthday food). 


Hope you are all keeping well and safe. 

From Miss Scanlon 

Picture 1 Virtual Brunch
Picture 2 Birthday Brunch Hamper
Picture 3 Birthday Bingo
Picture 4 Birthday Balloon
Picture 5 Birthday Balloons
Picture 6 Birthday Morning
Picture 7 Bracelet from Mrs Scanlon
Picture 8 Disney Castle Puzzle
Picture 9 Cupcakes from Mrs Bennett and her husband
Picture 10 Cupcakes from my best friend
Picture 11 Presents from my best friend
Picture 12 Social Distance walk in the park
Picture 13 Chinese Takeaway for my birthday dinner
Picture 14 25
Picture 15 Keeping the Mcdonalds safe
Picture 16 Mcdonalds - yum!
Picture 17 Donut Hamper

Delicious Birthday Cupcakes

Still image for this video

Morning Year 2 laugh

Just a quick update on some of the things that I have been doing since last week. 


On Saturday evening, my friends and I had another quiz night via Zoom. I was the quizmaster this week and set the theme as film characters so all of my friends dressed up. 

One of my friends painted herself green to come as the Grinch! Another dressed up as Ariel from the Little Mermaid with a red wig and green mermaid tail as she knows it is my favourite Disney film and I love Princess Ariel. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse! 


I have taught myself to do my own acrylic nails and have also learnt different ways to curl my hair and tried out lots of different tutorials including using socks and a dressing gown tie haha. Myself and Miss Cherry FaceTime everyday and I laugh while she tells her dog, Meg off. Yesterday, Miss Cherry gave her son, Josh, another haircut, luckily this one was not as much of a disaster as the first one, where she had to shave all of his hair off! 


I'm very excited as today it is only 2 weeks until my 25th birthday laugh 

While being in lockdown is not how I thought I would be spending my birthday, I am excited to try and still have fun at home and think of different ways to celebrate. 


I love receiving your work and it brings a smile to my face. I send Miss Cherry your work so she can see it too.
We are both really proud of you all, keep up the hard work! 
Can't wait to see you all again! 

Miss Scanlon and Miss Cherry 

Picture 1
Picture 1 Sock Curls
Picture 2 Dressing Gown Curls
Picture 3 Doing my own nails
Picture 4 My finished nails
Picture 1
Picture 2 Miss Cherry
Picture 3
Picture 4

Hi Year 2 

This weekend I had a quiz night with some of my friends over Zoom, which was very fun and a different way to spend a Saturday evening, I did some baking during the day on Saturday and dropped cakes to my friend's doorsteps ready for our quiz night. 

Hope you have been keeping safe and enjoying the sunshine. 

Missing you all lots, 

Miss Scanlon and Miss Cherry 


Picture 1 Penny on another long walk
Picture 2 Miss Scanlon ordered some new nail colours
Picture 3 Miss Scanlon had to do her own nails
Picture 4 Chocolate Banana Muffins
Picture 5 Toad in the hole
Picture 6 I made homemade pizzas
Picture 7 Homemade pizza
Picture 8 Mrs Scanlon did dutch plaits for Miss Scanlon
Picture 9 Easter Sunday Lamb Roast
Picture 10 My brother made curry using the leftover lamb
Picture 11 Made my very own Nandos
Picture 12 Chicken Skewers and Mac & Cheese
Picture 13 Taco Boats
Picture 14 Miss Scanlon's cupcakes
Picture 15 Aaron catching the TV
Picture 16 Steak and Prawn dinner
Picture 17 Penny wanting attention whilst I was working
Picture 18 Josh, Miss Cherry's son, turned 16
Picture 19 Miss Cherry's son, Josh's birthday cake
Picture 20 Josh making Miss Cherry's birthday cake
Picture 21 Playing cards

Hello Year 2, 

Hope you had a lovely and most importantly safe Easter! 

I spent the Easter holidays mainly relaxing, cooking and baking, including lots of face masks and asking Mrs Scanlon to plait my hair. 

I read 3 books and watched some more films on Disney + including Hercules and Aladdin. 

Mrs Scanlon finished painting our new extension during the half term and we put our TV up on the wall but we nearly had a disaster as the bracket came off the wall... luckily my brother, Aaron caught the TV. 

I made some chocolate banana muffins and some vanilla & chocolate cupcakes with buttercream. 

Some of my dinners have been... toad in the hole, roast lamb, lamb curry, steak & prawns and BBQ chicken skewers! 

Miss Cherry has finished relaying her garden patio and her son, Josh turned 16! Miss Cherry also had her birthday and her son made her a birthday cake.

Miss Cherry decided she would cut her son's hair.... it went very wrong and she had to shave his entire head, oh dear! 


Looking forward to seeing you all again, 

Miss Scanlon and Miss Cherry 

Picture 1 A long walk from Wainscott up to Chattenden
Picture 2 Saw some baby lambs
Picture 3 Mummy sheep and her lambs on my walk
Picture 4 Made chicken & bacon pizza and sweet potato fries
Picture 5 Miss Cherry took Meg for a walk to the field
Picture 6 Meg the 3 legged dog
Picture 7 Miss Cherry's dog called Meg
Picture 8 Chicken Teriyaki Skewers
Picture 9 Cheesy Enchiladas

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! 

This weekend I have watched more Disney films (High School Musical 3, Mulan and Mulan 2). I took my dog, Penny, for a long walk on Sunday, she started off very white and returned home very muddy. Mrs Scanlon had to give her a bath and a blow dry! 

I cooked some more yummy dinners, sweet chilli prawn noodles and chicken fajitas. 

I was very excited on Sunday evening when I managed to find some tomato puree and tomato passata in Tesco Express - when you get to 24, I hope there are more exciting things happening than finally finding tomato puree, but it does mean I get to make homemade pizzas for dinner this week, which I'm sure you all will agree is exciting! 


Have a lovely week, work hard and stay safe. 

Missing you all. 

Picture 1 Sweet Chilli Prawn noodles
Picture 2 Penny very white at the beginning of our walk
Picture 3 A lovely blue sky but very muddy ground
Picture 4 Penny enjoying the woods
Picture 5 Penny running in the mud
Picture 6 Penny sniffs everything when she walks
Picture 7 Penny very muddy at the end of our walk
Picture 8 Penny not enjoying her bath
Picture 9 Sad Penny
Picture 10 Penny getting a blow dry
Picture 11 Penny getting brushed and dried by Mrs Scanlon
Picture 12 Chicken Fajitas

Hello Year 2! 

Well this has been a very strange week! 

I have been in school for 3 days and it is very, very quiet without you all.

In my spare time I have been watching lots of Disney films (Moana, Tangled, High School Musical 1 and 2, Mary Poppins Returns). 

As I'm sure lots of you have been doing I have cleaned and tidied my room - Mrs Scanlon was very pleased! 

Every night I have been face-timing Miss Cherry and sharing your learning and activities with her too. We have been enjoying seeing all of the things you have been doing. 

Miss Cherry has been out walking her 3 legged dog called Meg every day for her daily exercise. 

I have been cooking lots of different dinners which Mrs Scanlon and my brother, Aaron, have been enjoying. 

Our dog, Penny, has been enjoying having us all at home. 


Hope you have a restful weekend and stay safe! 

Missing you all very much, 

Miss Scanlon and Miss Cherry

Picture 1 Crispy Duck Hoisin Noodles
Picture 2 Sweet Chilli Sausages
Picture 3 Disney Films
Picture 4 Miss Cherry's dog Meg enjoying a belly tickle
Picture 5 Miss Cherry has dug up her garden
Picture 6 Tuna mayo with sweet potato
Picture 7 Meg the 3 legged dog
Picture 8 Watching some more films on Netflix
Picture 9 Homemade lasagne with garlic bread
Picture 10 Miss Scanlon enjoying a face mask haha
Picture 11 Miss Scanlon out by the school field in slippers
Picture 12 Roast chicken and pork belly