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Miss Palmer's Adventures

I have been missing you all very much, but to keep busy I have been taking part in lots of online learning - especially in Science! I have very much enjoyed seeing your comments on Purple Mash when you have completed and handed in a piece of work. Don't forget to make sure they are handed in as well as completed.




We have been making lots of tasty treats! 



Mabel has been enjoying her long walks and run around time in the orchard. 























I have been using my walk per day to visit the horse fields and explore the woods next to my home. I have found some very random things - including an iron gate!
Why do you think it is there?  














I have also been taking some time to plant some flowers ready to put into my garden. I tried to make obelisks out of sticks! 
















Last night, our lovely neighbours left LOTS of fruit for us on the door step. It was a lovely  surprise!
I also really enjoyed hearing everyone clapping at 8PM last night!

























Over the weekend, we spent some time sorting out the loft - I managed to find lots of photos of myself and my family and it was really lovely to remember some fun times that I had as a child.


I was also able to 'chat' to my two dogs on FaceTime! My mum turned Teddy into a dog-corn...He doesn't look too impressed!


We also had to take Hugo to the vet! He is much better now!


And finally, my other dog, Lola, who is a rescue dog, is helping the rescue centre find a new place to keep the other rescue. dogs as sadly the kennels they have can't be used for much longer! (Lola is the dog saying 'Let's'. 




I was very excited to ride my turns out you can forget how to ride a bike! But after a bit of practice and perseverance I can now go in a straight line! 



We also saw the lambs at the farm down the road, they are very sweet and lively! Also rather loud! 






We also had the privilege of seeing the foal! It is three days old in this photo. It is amazing how fast they learn to walk and run!



Here are my plants which have been growing well, although next door's football has a tendency to come over the fence and crush them. Thank you Ellena for the Bee-Bomb which is doing well!