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On this page I will post any videos, songs, posters and useful tips that we use in class to support our learning. 


Term 1 
This term we are focusing on number sequences (especially in 2s, 5s and 10s linking to our times tables for the year) and place value. 


Place Value refers to the value the digit has depending on its place/column. 

For example a 4 in the tens column means four groups of 10 = 40 not just the number 4. 



Year 2 have been working hard on place value - they are expected to "partition any two-digit number into different combinations of tens and ones, explaining their thinking verbally, in pictures or using apparatus".

For example, 45 can be partitioned as 40 + 5 as well as 30 + 15, 20 + 25, 35 + 10 etc. 

One way we teach this is using the 'part, part, whole model'. 



Children are expected to be able to work out the 'whole' number by adding together both 'parts' and work out one or both of the 'parts' when given the 'whole' number.