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Children are encouraged to explore maths using a variety of resources to support their understanding and they learn how to apply this understanding to a range of real life problems. Daily maths lessons take place where children rehearse basic number skills and develop confidence with computation and these skills are tested on a weekly basis. Children are also expected to practice number skills which are appropriate to their age and ability at home on a regular basis.



Maths Mastery Parent Workshop- October 2017


A big thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to attend the maths workshop. I hope things were explained clearly- I appreciate there was quite a lot of maths in a short space of time!

   Please find attached the calculation policy, as well as both power points from the session. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


kindest regards,


Mr Forster 

Maths Challenge- Term 5


The challenge for this term is to find out all about Roman Numerals.


Can you find out what numbers these Roman Numerals stand for?


 X                      C                     D                 I


 V                       L                     M


How would you write the year 2017 using Roman Numerals?




Can you find any examples of Roman Numerals in the real world and take photos of them?

Maths pattern challenge winners- Brook (year 4) for the new £1 coin and Ella (year 1) for patterned tree bark!

Hello there!

    Welcome to the school maths page where I will be posting photos, useful links and top tips to help your child with their mathematical development and learning!


The school has recently joined a 'Maths Mastery' programme; something which the school is very excited about  and will help develop the children's ability to reason and solve problems in maths.




What examples of maths in the real world have you seen? Take photos! Draw pictures or note down what it was you saw. Bring these to me and I will scan the pictures and put them onto the website...the best example will win a prize! This will be announced on the last day of term!


Good luck hunting for real life maths! I have attached some examples to get you going!!


Mr Forster