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Term 3 January 2021 week 1


If the password is not 8 characters long then you may need to use hashtags to make it up to 8 characters.

e.g. red47 is only 5 characters so would need 3 hashtags on the end to make it up to 8 = red47###


Please see below for the learning to be completed this week. Compulsory learning is outlined in the timetable and resources section. Optional learning is anything below this. 
Work can be submitted through the class email address via a photo or document attachment, or, if able, through Teams files. Don't panic if you can't share via Teams as I will be looking at Teams and emails when I am not in the classroom.

Many thanks, 
Miss Palmer 

I can't wait to meet you all when we get back into the classroom, keep learning and do your best!
Mrs Stott

Timetable of lessons with links to learning platform

Here are some ideas for Physical education at home:

The Football Association has put together a range of football based activities to complete at home- with links to Disney, maths and mental health.

Link page on Kent Sport for a range of really excellent resources. For example, the 'This Girl Can' website has Disney dance videos.

Lots of different ideas about how to take learning outdoors