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Isolation Work

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Please complete tasks using this link



Don't forget to read you book and record this into your contact book.

Can you recall the events of the book so far?

Make a prediction as to what might happen next.

Times table practice

This week you will be tested on your 3 times tables. Make sure you practise them so you are ready for your test on Friday. You will need to know the times tables and the inverse operation.

Once you have finished practising log on to Times Tables Rockstars.

English week of 22nd November

This week in English we are going to write a description about one of our characters that we have created - The monster. Have a look at the powerpoint and write a description of your monster.


Subordinate clauses




Tuesday 23rd Nov

Begin to draft the start of your own story where a village is brought to misery by a monster terrorising them. Think of an interesting way to start your story.

Maths - Week of 22nd November

We are recapping on some of the subject areas we have already covered this term. Have a go at the work below:


Comparing and Ordering numbers

LO: To revise comparing an ordering numbers

LO: To revise Roman numerals


Please follow the powerpoint attached and have a go at the 'to do' task set on purplemash.


We have been looking at the effects of heating and cooling on an object. This week we have carried out a science investigation measuring the time it takes for chocolate to melt at different temperatures. Have a go at carrying out the science experiment.