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THANK YOU Willow Class for continuing to send in all of your fabulous learning this week. It is genuinely a pleasure to see you continuing your learning journeys at home during this strange time. 


As with last week, it is so important that you use the weekend to have fun and relax. Below are are few ways you can make sure you are still learning this weekend and I have also included some ideas for science and baking if you are struggling for ideas to keep you busy at home.



Read! Read! Read!

Share stories together as a family - listening to adults read good quality stories is just as important in learning to read as phonics is. There are also a few stories you can watch/listen to from this week's home learning.



This happens all the time! You can count whilst cooking, tidying away and through movement. How many star jumps can you do? How many bunny hops can you do?


Board Games

Any board game includes lots of really important skills that we learn in Early Years. They include subitising (knowing an amount e.g. on a dice without counting), turn taking and language skills.


Art & Drawing

Painting, using chalks, sticker books etc all help support your child's fine motor skills which they need to be able to write. They could also make art work using things they can find outdoors such as leaves.


Common Sequences 

Teach your child the days of the week and months of the year. There are plenty of children's songs on YouTube to support with this. Can they tell you which month/day comes before or after? Do they know when their birthday is? Can you teach them this?


Practical Skills

For example, tying shoe laces, buttons, cutting, threading, using a knife and fork. All of these things will help with their fine motor and handwriting skills.



If you have a garden, encourage them to be active. Can they help get the garden ready for spring? Can you plant anything? There is lots of research that suggests that simply being and playing outdoors can support children's mental health and language skills.



If you are watching films – pause them and discuss them. Why are characters doing certain things? Would you do the same? There are also lots of educational programmes being shared on the BBC at the moment. Use the weekend to watch some of these!