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Easter holidays

Hannah has been exploring the Marshes on her bike with her brother Joseph, they have also been doing a little bit of baking. Hannah enjoyed reading the frog prince, making frogs from play dough and practicing her hand stands!

George has been doing lots of his practical work we were all given.He has made some of it into booklets. He has also written down what he's done in his homework book and nearly finished his book! He made up a great story of Avengers v the Army and we both wrote about the 'play' that we made about it for our family (Nanny watched too via video call)

Rudi has had some lovely family walks and some teddy bear picnics at breakfast time. Rudi and his brother and sister have taken really good care of their rabbits in the garden & played lots of games on the trampoline. They have made cakes & homemade pizza Rudis' new favourite food, and they have watered their lovely plants. They have made some beautiful rainbows for their Nan & clapped for the NHS every Thursday evening.

Henry has enjoyed himself, he had his 5th birthday, which we had a picnic and watched films with popcorn and sweets. We've been going on lots of bike rides, Henry has now mastered his bike without stabilisers. He's also been building lots of Lego, puzzles, helping with gardening and cooking. We're keeping ourselves busy.

Happy Birthday Henry, pleased you had a good day. Well done for now being able to ride your bike without stabilisers. Brilliant achievement. :)