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Term 2 - "Let it Flow"


This term we are learning about the theme of water. This will include the water cycle, bridges and rivers. Our class book is, "Oliver and the Seawigs."

Welcome to Maple Class' page! We will update this page with our recent work and exciting activities that we have been doing in class.

Our topic for Term 1 is........

The Stone Age

As a class we will be linking all of our subject areas to the Stone Age. We are currently reading Stone Age Boy in English, a book the children are thoroughly enjoying!


On Friday 15th September, Jeremy from the Guildhall Museum came into Maple Class and gave the children a very fun and factual talk about the Stone Age.

He shared some artefacts from The Stone Age and Bronze Age. Jeremy showed us some tools from the Palaeolithic period, The Old Stone Age; a hammer and a hand axe. He then showed us and explained how the tools had evolved in the Neolithic period, The New Stone Age, as man discovered how to polish the flint with water and sand. Jeremy explained that not all of the parts of the tools had survived over the thousands of years i.e. wood as this would rot in the ground. The artefacts from the Bronze Age included an axe and a hammer. Jeremy explained that tin and copper mixed together created the Bronze metal and this could be melted down and reused. The children had a great morning! Thank you to all parents who contributed towards to cost of our visitor!