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Weekly Spellings

 Week 1 :set on Friday 16th March 2018

              test date Friday 23rd March 2018


I hope that you are all well and staying safe and warm. Here are some learning activities for you to keep you busy!


Maths - Remember to practise your times tables -

1) Draw out a multiplication grid and fill in some of the calculations that you know.

2) You could also make a times table game

3) Play times tables games online with topmarks website

4) Measure the depth of the snow in different parts of your garden. Which is the deepest?

5) Practise various Maths skills online with IXL Year 3 website - you can select the area that you want to practice



1)Try writing an acrostic poem about the snow, use a range of  adjectives to describe the snow and how it falls and moves.

2) You could create a comic strip about your snow adventures

3) Watch the film "Frozen," "Happy Feet," or "Ice Age" and then write a review about what you thought worked well, what your favourite part was, what you would change

4) Create and draw a snow character, they could be a superhero or an animal, what do they look like, where do they live, what do they do.

5) Research into how snow is formed, find out why we are experiencing so much snow at the moment, where is it coming from in the world?

6) Create a safety poster for being in the snow - what clothes should you wear, how long should you be out there for, where can you play,



1) Go onto cbbc newsround website. The top story is , "What is a red weather warning?"

Answer these questions using this article.

a) Who announces the weather warnings?

b) In what region of the country was an amber warning issued on Thursday morning?

c) What have the RAF been doing in Lincolnshire?
d) How cold is it reported to feel in parts of Birmingham and Cardiff?

e)What are the 3 different colours that are issued for weather warnings?

f) What methods of transport might be delayed or cancelled due to the snow?

g) When was the last cold spell like this that the UK experienced?



Use these words from the Year 3/4 expected spellings list and try to create new words with them. See how many you can create. You can only use the letters once!







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Useful Links for Times Table practise: